technology consulting

For weeks and weeks there had been no rain and all of the animals were thirsty. Two crows in search of water, spotted a pitcher that had been left on a garden wall. They flew to it and saw that it was half full of water. But neither one could reach down far enough inside the pitcher's narrow neck.

"There must be a way to get that water," said the first crow. "If we think it through, we'll find an answer."

The second crow tried to push the pitcher over, but it was too heavy to budge. "It's hopeless!" he croaked and flew away.

But the first crow stayed and thought, and after a time had an idea. Picking up some small pebbles in his beak, he dropped them one by one into the pitcher until at last the water rose to the brim. Then the crow quenched his thirst.



Like our feathered friend, mbbc strives to develop solutions that are both innovative and straightforward. A key element of our process is understanding all aspects of the particular problem. This allows us to build and implement targeted solutions, addressing the specific needs while maximizing the return-on-investment.

Frequently, money is spent on solutions that include many bells and whistles when a simple solution is all that’s needed. By leveraging our expertise across all our practices, we work to ensure that the solutions we develop are effective and within budget.

mbbc has provided services that include:

  • Content management
  • Information architecture
  • Project management
  • Sales tool development
  • Web site management/maintenance
  • Usability design/analysis
  • Web server configuration
  • Shopping cart installation/maintenance
  • Portal installation/integration