visual design

A man learned to observe the movements of the stars in order to predict the future. He soon became famous and people traveled from miles around for his advice.

One evening this man was walking along the road, his eyes fixed on the heavens and what great fortunes he saw there. Meanwhile he paid no heed to the path and before he knew it he had tumbled head over heels into a pit of muddy water.

His neighbors heard his shouts and came running. But when they saw who had fallen into the hole they had no pity. A neighbor helping the man up told him, "You'd better spend less time watching the stars and more time watching your feet!"



Recognizing that visual design is about effective communication we've incorporated it as a key element of our philosophy. As our stargazing friend found out, getting caught-up with the sizzle and ignoring what's at hand can lead to many problems.

At mbbc, we firmly believe in developing visual solutions that not only sizzle, but—most importantly—communicate. So as to effectively convey the message, we include as part of our design process, a discovery element where we identify our client's needs. With this information we make sure that the project will be delivered successfully, on-time and be an effective form of communication.

We offer a wide range of solutions, both traditional and electronic. In fact, we can take your traditional designs and adapt them into an electronic medium to help control printing costs.

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