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Designing for electronic presentation is something we love to do. Because of our expertise in internet technologies, we can frequently link your electronic document to the right program to help facilitate the success of your program:

  • web site-complex web applications  view
  • web site-intranet with custom code  view
  • web site-registration and informational  view
  • web site-informational  view  view p2
  • web site-not-for-profit  view
  • invitations  view
  • presentations
  • conversion of logo into typeface
  • surveys

Remember, of the many things you can have printed traditionally, you may want to consider developing electronically or extending them to include electonic media:

  • corporate identity packages-including electronic templates of memos/letterheads/presentations
  • annual reports
  • event programs and collateral
  • brochures
  • invitations
  • sell sheets
  • customer/employee communications